dinsdag 11 december 2012

Me and my friends made a short film about domestic violence 

watch it here.

A little feedback is always welcome :)

vrijdag 30 november 2012

Even more awesomeness

I found this really awesome musician a couple of weeks ago! He calls himself SimGretina.

 I just love his music! He is a brony musician, and before you run away screaming, being all like: 'Bronies?! Omg you mean those faggots?!' Give it a try.

You don't have to like My Little Pony to like Brony music ( I recommend watching the show though, hehe). Okay, sorry about that, I'm just really into My Little Pony; Friendship is Magic lately. It has become one of my favourite shows. I also like Adventure Time, Gravity Falls and the Legend of Korra very much. Too bad there haven't been any new Gravity Falls episodes lately... Ah well, back to the guy I was talking about. SimGretina isn't very famous (yet). And I think it is time to change that.

Now venture to the land of Soundcloud! There, you have to find the man called SimGretina. Cast this spell, and you will be there in no time! Once you are there, listen to his music and -most important of all- spread the awesomeness! 

*Cast Spell*

zondag 25 november 2012

zondag 28 oktober 2012

My Gallery c:

Unfortunately, my phone broke.. So I won't be able to upload new pictures for a month or so.

maandag 1 oktober 2012


Maybe you know them, maybe you don't. But bronies are definitely people to pay attention to. 

Bronies? You mean brownies right?

Nope, bronies. Bronies stands for bro-ponies, adult males who watch 'My Little Pony; Friendship is Magic'. 

Adult males who watch a tv show which is ment for little girls?


Isn't that like.. Super weird?! 

Maybe, maybe not. No, what I wanted to talk about is what quite a few bronies are capable of. They make songs, animations, drawings and lots of other awesome stuff, all inspired by My Little Pony; FiP. I think it's a good thing, that they don't care what people think about them. Life is all about doing the things you like, right? If watching the show makes them feel happy, then why shouldn't they watch it? Then why shouldn't they create incredibly awesome art? I really enjoy their art, 

and secretly I enjoy My Little Pony as well.